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D-Dimer test kid

[Product description]: The product can be used with Bioda immune detector to quantitatively detect NT-proBNP egg white in human whole blood, plasma, and serum and it can provide the reference for exclusion diagnosis of thrombotic diseases.

Bioda NT-proBNP produced by the company is a kind of IVD reagent for detection of D-Dimer white egg in plasma and whole blood.

D-Dimer is a product of cross-link fibrous protein formed by the action of activated XIII factor and degraded under the action of cellulase, which reflects fibrinolysis function. Rise is observed in secondary fibrinolysis hyperfunction, such as hypercoagulability, disseminated intravascular coagulation, kidney disease, organ transplant rejection, thrombolytic therapy, and others. In case of activated thrombosis and fibrinolysis activity in blood vessel, D-Dimer shall go up. Myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, venous thrombosis, operation, tumor, disseminated intravascular coagulation, infection, and tissue necrosis can result in rise of D-Dimer. Moreover, In case of the elderly and patients are attacked by bacteremia and other diseases, causing coagulation disorders, D-Dimer shall go up.
Determination of main factors in fibrinolytic system is of great significance for diagnosis and treatment of fibrinolytic system diseases (such as DIC and various thrombus) and fibrinolytic system related diseases (such as tumor and pregnancy syndrome) and thrombolytic treatment and monitoring. Rise of D-Dimer level indicates that fibrin degradation is frequent in vivo. Therefore, D-Dimer is a key indicator of DVT, PE and DIC.

[Reaction time]: 12min

[Detection range]: 20-2500ng/ml

[Clinical significance]: Exclusion of deep vein embolism and pulmonary embolism

[Applicable departments]: Outpatient Department, Emergency Department, Cardiology Department, Thoracic Surgery Department, Ambulance, Ward, Intensive Care Unit, and Geriatrics Department.

[Interpretation method]:

Detection result



Negative with low risk of thrombosis


Positive with high risk of thrombosis

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